Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who needs sleep? *groan*

It appears that the pain I've been experiencing at the back of my head, neck and shoulders is related to a somewhat low blood pressure (i.e., it's still normal, but in the lower range). Consequently, the doctor prescribed painkillers, rest and more sleep. Ack, why do we need to sleep at all anyway. Now more sleep means less blogging. (Yeah right, as if I had been blogging all this time. *sigh*) So. Because it's 11pm now I have to do a quickie. No insightful, groundbreaking revelations on the eve of my birthday. That will have to wait (meaning I'll write down the revelation when I actually get it. Who knows when that will be? *quip*).

Might as well post an oldie, a digital collage I made last year, a pastiche consisting of a poem, a drawing, and a couple of photographs:

A hack dreams of Klimtian Viggo / Viggoesque Klimt
October, 2004

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Anonymous said...

Catchy collage name...can't see the image, though.

imogen_ph said...

are you using firefox by any chance? maybe another browser will work better ;-)

Anonymous said...

ok, you know my love for butikis... so when they are viggoesque, just cannt control myself any more! *lol*