Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Eek, davidmackguide found me!

Seems a link to my Kabuki-related entry has been posted at davidmackguide.com, here. I should've known, that David Thornton sure is very good at gathering up all Mack-related information out there in the web. Managed to escape his daily blog searches since imogenagerie isn't publicly listed, but as soon as Mr. Mack responded to my post at his messageboard, click! it was there at davidmackguide. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Any Manila fans who happen to drop by, btw, you'll be interested to know that David Mack says he does look forward to going here sometime in the near future. Now, if only Mr. Daez and company know that, eh? Drum up support, peeps, let's e-mail (through their website), call, inform, badger, plead, beg (what do you fellas think, foot-in-the-door first or face-in-the-door? ehehe) Fully Booked to make this Mack booksigning event happen.


Anonymous said...

*eyes popping at the Internet monster*
*The contessa hides in fear*

imogen_ph said...
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