Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mrazmerizing Acoustics

Lately I've been listening to this guy. Fantastic vocals, very well-crafted songs, and a whole lot of style. What's more, he sounds even better live. So I collected some tracks and made a playlist. All but one of these are from live performances.

Make It Mine. This is the opening track of Jason's upcoming 3rd album. Performed at Park City Utah during the Where Music Meets Film event last January 26. I just love this, it's sort of Beatles-y.
1000 Things. My favorite Mraz song of all, recorded live at The Eagles Ballroom in 2004.
Clockwatching. Just Jason and his guitar, recorded in Ile St. Louis in Paris. I extracted the audio from the wonderful bonus take away show video by Valerie Toumayan. (The video I posted in my last entry below was from the same series.)
Warming Up. More than half-way through Jason hesitates, seems he forgot what's next, haha. I believe it was a very new song at the time when he performed this at Lestat's in 2004. To my knowledge this song does not appear in any of Jason's albums.
Rainbow Connection. A cover of a well-loved song, recorded at Cafe Dackhammer in Berlin last year. I like this as much as Kermit the Frog's rendition.
Dynamo of Volition. No one would have figured me for a fan of this style of music (almost like rap), but I'm just amazed how he can sing all those words! This song is also reportedly included in the new album. Also recorded live at Cafe Dackhhammer.
I'm Yours. Jason and his band have been playing this at concerts for years. Finally they recorded it for the new album. I'm not sure if this is that very studio version.

The new album I keep mentioning will be released on May 20. It is called We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. Prior to that, 3 exclusive EPs will be released. We Sing will be out March 18, and We Dance on April 15. We Steal Things will be available on March 20 as a digital bundle with the purchase of the album through iTunes. Kinda confusing, but I gotta figure out how to get my hands on all these.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A lovely day indeed

Jason Mraz does an improvisation while walking the streets of Paris. At the start he tries to say "C'est une belle journée." (trans. "It's a lovely day."), and he gets the pronunciation wrong (hee!). As he walks farther he meets a Bulgarian busker, and together they make music. This is truly awesome.

There are 4 more videos from this series - 2 can be viewed at, and 2 more can be downloaded from