Thursday, February 21, 2008

A lovely day indeed

Jason Mraz does an improvisation while walking the streets of Paris. At the start he tries to say "C'est une belle journée." (trans. "It's a lovely day."), and he gets the pronunciation wrong (hee!). As he walks farther he meets a Bulgarian busker, and together they make music. This is truly awesome.

There are 4 more videos from this series - 2 can be viewed at, and 2 more can be downloaded from


Mobydickulous said...

And there are 2 more (Collapsible Plans and Clockwatching), for a total of 5, at this site:

Just thought you'd like to know

imogen_ph said...

Oh yeah I found those too and downloaded them. I especially like Clockwatching. Thanks, moby. Do please let me know if there are more downloadable videos out there. I have been watching the youtube Europe videos too. Mrasmerizing talent, this guy :-)

Meg said...

Galeng naman!