Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Post hiatus

So yeah, I haven’t been blogging for aeons. Haven’t been doing anything creatively for that matter, as I’ve somewhat lost my mojo. (Hello Zoloft, I’ve been thinking of you.) I still feel like I haven’t got it back yet, but perhaps blogging again can help. No book reviews like I planned a while back, as I haven’t been reading much either. My eyes, you see. I’m in uhm, transition. No, it’s not that letters have begun to blur lately, nor that tiny characters in my Zen player which I had effortlessly been able to read only a year ago have now inexplicably become unintelligible at the same distance and in the same half-light on evenings in bed when I usually enjoy my mp3s before going to La-la land. It’s that I can’t read for too long lately without being overcome with the dreadful suspicion that mis ojos may need some sort of assistance in getting my optic nerves to operate their auto focus. (Let’s leave it at that, shall we?)

Consequently, the books I’ve been meaning to read (and finish – I have been reading several at the same time) have piled up. I’ve been spending more time on tv series (on dibidi, er I mean dvd!) and music as a result. So the next few entries will probably be all about that. (Well hullo, the American Idol entries are still under this one, let me just edge those out as quickly as I can. Not that I’m completely done with the topic as I’ve since found an even more rant potential-filled topic: Philippine Idol! Yes folks, I have gone bakya. No matter, we’ll get to that soon enough. Unless I lose interest entirely. *roll eyes* And move on to Pinoy Dream Academy. Haah!)

Currently listening to: The Heart of the Matter, India.Arie