Friday, January 06, 2006

Pssssst California-based people!

Friends, relatives, anyone! If you happen to swing by the Sta. Monica area next week or so *cough*Jan 14 would be a good day* ahem* till Feb. 14, there's an art exhibit you might want to check out *cough*going on opening day would be very good*ahem*can you take piccies for me pretty please?*ahem* in my stead, if no one else's ehehehe (clickie to enlarge invites):

George Gudni is an Icelandic artist who does gorgeous landscape paintings and photographs. His latest book, Strange Familiar, was recently published by Perceval Press (which is owned by Viggo). Viggo's abstract photographs will be on exhibit from what I gather. His newest book is Linger. I like some of his abstract colored photographs such as this:

Pukerua Bay by Viggo Mortensen

Quite beautiful, isn't it? More info about the exhibit and sample pics at the Track 16 website.

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Anonymous said...

Sahll we try bribing your californian friends? ;)