Monday, January 02, 2006

Butiking pilak

Lizard pendant in sterling silver,
from the Baguio City public market

The lizard is a common design motif in articles from the Cordillera region. In Igorot mythology it is known to be the messenger of the gods, a link between the spirit world and the earth. Among the lizard's powers is autotomy, the ability to cut off its tail in the face of danger, and to subsequently regenerate a new one. The lizard symbolizes longevity and healing.

(Click here for larger image.)

Soon to make its voyage to my reptile-loving friend :-)


Anonymous said...

so this lizard is going to take quite a trip, huh? :)

do you know that while I was sick my only request while I was writhing in bed was that someone read to me the story of Bing Butiki? :)

the contessa

imogen_ph said...

awww you poor aristocrat! ;-) well this silver butiki (shall we name him bing, or something else?) will have to endure the long trip. i hope he won't lose his tail! ehehehe