Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A coupl'a thousand more to go...

Who ever said going digital would make life easier? *sigh* I am writing this down here to pressure myself into sitting down and starting to organize my photographs. If anything can pressure me into finally doing it, it's when I verbalize an intention. Well, okay, the probability that I will do it will be much higher. *cough* Yeah, yeah, I did say I would work on my Yosemite pics over the holidays. *guilty grin* Turned out I spent a couple of days in Baguio so ehrm I didn't get to do it. I started on some other batch of pics today thinking I'd be able to put them online but oh time is short and I'm a slowpoke (you try to plow through a couple o' hundred pictures, let's see how you do), so I'm not even done with them yet. *toothy grin*

Here's one from the batch I will soon be posting. There's that annoying slab at the lower right side of the lamp post, tsk tsk... I didn't notice it at the time because I had my aunt behind groaning from the ordeal I was putting her through, LOL. (The ordeal being her mistake to go with me on a shoot. ;-) Sorry Auntie, but hey, I got nice pictures of us, huh? *whispers* The poor dear said she didn't want to be photographed but she forgot that immediately after she saw a large Celine Dion poster outside Caesar's Palace, ehehehe.)

Le prime luci
Across the Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Cheyenne Angel said...

Bonjour, hello ! happy new year!
I have see your blog by Errant vines:-))) and now here I am!
Best wisches!
See you
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