Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Neil Gaiman has arrived

Neil is already in Manila according to his blog.
Seems there won't be a booksigning on Sunday at the Bonifacio High Street event. Perhaps they don't want to tire him out like they did in 2005, poor Neil, autographing thousands of books. Good thing I got a couple of mine signed. The only signing scheduled will be in Subic, where Neil will also be speaking at the 20th Philippine Advertising Congress. A couple of lovely posters by Ian Sta. Maria (check out Ian's multiply album to see larger versions. Neil asked for his autograph!):

Ruey de Vera already wrote a review of Expeditions, a set of two books (Comics & Prose) to be launched on Sunday. Something to look forward to evidently.

"Whether the words and images bow to your particular taste or not, whether they are miracle drug or mere placebo to you, whether it is the Escape key or the Enter key, there is no denying how both volumes of “Expeditions” are a testament to the remarkable promise and power of Filipino creativity in fiction and comics, the hurricane of words and images birthed from the fierce flapping of an unleashed butterfly’s wings."

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