Monday, November 26, 2007

Neil Gaiman launches Pinoy Expeditions into the unreal

Right. I went to the Expeditions book launch and 2nd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards held at Bonifacio High Street. Got a set of paperback Expeditions, one of which (the Comics volume) was pre-signed by Neil who wrote the Foreword, got my friend Y's cousins, first prize comics winners Waya and Lala Gallardo's autographs, stood around for ages (warranting foot reflexology afterwards), lost a favorite earring (waah), got no raffle prizes (I never win on raffles ack), found some amusement in Erik Mana's prestidigitations (a term foisted on the crowd by hosts Gabe Mercado and Karen Kunawicz, also a reference to the book American Gods) and the Bahaghari Ensemble's (not their complete name; sorry, it was too long and you know me, memory like a sieve!) strange ethnic music cum arnis/kali demo presentation (I felt like I was watching a video game hey!), saw some of the country's better known writers and artists in the comics/scifi/fantasy genre, and lastly, got to listen to Neil Gaiman.

For transcripts from that night, head on over to Charles Tan's blog. Images can be found at my flickr gallery. Check out how Neil assisted in Mana's magic trick, and in a fan's marriage proposal (for the latter I don't have a pic because it happened the day before, but the link is there, you'll have to look for it *wink*). Click on the pic below to get there:

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chard bolisay said...

i was also there! haha, ansaya. i had a handshake. that's enough for me. hehe :D