Friday, December 16, 2005

Zooming in on El Capitan

Upon my friend Jim's query, I rummaged through my files to check if I have a closer view of El Capitan. There is indeed that tad of overexposed section at the right side of the pic I posted earlier. But it really did come with the zero-degree story, so it's special to me.

In any case, I found another El Capitan pic, this one's much closer. I believe this was from the Bridalveil Fall vista. (I mean I was on the way to hike towards Bridalveil and then turned to the other side to see the capitan.) Still with the G2.

Yo no soy marinero.

* Image crossposted at my Filphoto gallery.


Anonymous said...

Para bailar EL TANGO......

yo no soy marinero
soy capitan, soy capitan, soy capitan....

You are SO witty, eh???

so you REALLY liked el capitan, right? especially since it looks as if it were growing all white?

me, devilish? no...

just raving mad after visioning some crazy video, that's all....

La contessa francesca

imogen_ph said...

no contessa, the one i REALLY liked was Half Dome. but that's for another post ;-)

(unless you were talking of another capitan who heaven forbid should turn white??? ahahaha acck *cough*)

Anonymous said...

.....and I had not even paid attention to your title, right?


I wonder where you get those ideas, right? it is not my little brain who could come up with deviant ideas like that....


the contessa

imogen_ph said...

who me, deviant? you're the one who had this in mind with that title, not me. *indignant*

Anonymous said...

yeah, right.*snort*
I, poor soul, hadn't even thought of that the first time I read the title.
In any case, let's pretend you are innocent and that you don't have have a quadruple-layering mind. eheheh.
but in any case we both know what we have in mind now when reading your title , right?
You are SO witty... that's why I love you. *bubble of love*

the contessa