Monday, July 21, 2008

David CookFEST at Campus 99.5 FM: Encore

The 2-hour special, for everyone's enjoyment. I do think last week's CookFEST was better, though. In this encore, the DJs played a number of songs twice (gah, there are so many more songs to choose! I even pointed them to The World I Know from the Taste for A Cure event, sheesh.), there were more and longer commercial breaks and whatnot (hello, even 6 Cycle Mind's Saludo was in there somewhere; I thought it was supposed to be 2 hours of cookification? On second thought, maybe it was because of the OPM rule? What do I know, I hardly listen to radio.), there weren't enough shout-outs and messages from listeners and fans, and their research sucks: they said David did not acknowledge right off that he would sing Chris Cornell's cover of Billie Jean during Top 10 night (Ryan Seacrest announced it right before David performed), and that he is currently working with Ryan Tedder of One Republic for his album (outdated info - Tedder has since denied this).

(Photo from; faux-lomofication by me.)

Download the whole file (mp3, 79.7 MB)

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