Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On the list of the things that I will miss

Before I get into that, here's an interesting tidbit. Yesterday, Elliott fans found out that Amazon has Elliott's debut album available for pre-order. By the end of the day, Elliott sat at the top of the Movers & Shakers (which lists the top gainers within 24 hours), with a stratospheric 10,000% increase in pre-orders. (I kid you not.) This happened with no clip of any kind, no track list or any other information, not even a picture, nothing but his name. Unreal, huh? This morning, the cd cover was revealed. Behold the Elliott Yamin debut album cover. I much prefer if they had used this, though. Or even this.

Anyway. I'm finally leaving tomorrow for Bangkok. (Angkor here we come!) A couple of music events I will miss, which I hope some of you can catch for moi:

  • AOL's Exclusive First Listen - a full preview of Elliott's new single Movin' On. I'm not sure whether people outside the US will be able to access it. Wouldn't hurt to try though. In any case, if AOL doesn't work, wait a bit and I'm sure the song will turn up at youtube or at numerous blogs. Go check Elliott's AOL page here.
  • The digital release of Movin' On on February 13. Ah, will somebody please text me and tell me about it? *batts eyelashes*
  • American Idol will offer up its "Best of the Rest" auditions tomorrow night. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for a Korean soul singer named Paul Kim. That's right, an Asian soul singer! Word has been good on this guy's chances. Check out his myspace here (clickie!), he has 4 songs posted there. I love his voice, very soulful, quite John Legend-y, only silkier.
  • I've never paid much attention to the Grammy awards, but this time I would like to watch it. Too bad I will still be out by the time the show airs (Feb. 11 in the US). Sting will reunite with The Police for the opening number, plus John Legend, John Mayer, and Corinne Bailey Rae (who I have heard much about) will be performing together. I guess I'll catch these on youtube too.

I think that's about all. If I'm able, I will try to post from Siem Reap. Until then, ciao for the while. Will be back after a week.

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