Monday, February 26, 2007

Images from Angkor # 3

Sunrise over Angkor Wat, 2/13/2007

The sun rises over Angkor Wat, the temple considered to be one of the most perfect architectural structures in the world. Built sometime in the 12th century under the rule of Suryavarman II, it took 37 years to accomplish. How many suns have risen and shone over Angkor Wat? This thought alone is staggering.


falafel said...

lovely shot! so what time did the sun rise on this particular day? does it look as nice at dusk?

imogen_ph said...

lemme see... around 5:30am methinks. we left the villa at 5am, it was still dark when we got there - good thing we didn't fall into the moat hee. on our 1st day we caught the sunset there, but i was still in awe (over the fact that i was there) to record how the colors affect the temple. angkor wat faces the west though (which in itself is a curiosity - will blog more on this later), so photographically it's more interesting at sunrise.

contessa said...

beeeaaaaaaaaaauuuutiful! *re sigh*