Monday, December 18, 2006

Found this web radio thingie

Le'mmesee now... *tinkers*

Hwah it works!!! *claps with glee* (You have to click on the play button.)

Nifty, eh? Stumbled upon, searched for some tracks, joined the site (it's free!), played with it a bit and presto hey, I got me a track bar! You can also listen to music from the site without joining. Uploading files and creating your own playlist is a little bit more complicated from what I gather, but that track bar above? Took me 3 minutes ;-)

Oh, in case some of you are wondering what Elliott looks like these days (and just so I can take a jab at the lookist nasties who kept harping on his imperfect teeth during the AI5 days - eat your shoes, you!!!), here are some recent pics. He got his teeth done, sat on a dentist's chair for some 20 hours for dental work that normally would have cost $50,000 (lucky E, the dentist offered his services for free). I'm not liking the hair but the boy is looking nice. (And still, it's the voice that melts.)

Elliott's This Christmas above is available from iTunes, and is doing rather well. Who needs the AI crown? Bah. Last I heard, there might be an announcement of a record deal soon. (A couple of weeks ago he did announce a publishing deal with Sony at his myspace page. Who knows, maybe they know something we don't? Might he turn out to also be a gifted songwriter? Why ink a publishing deal otherwise? Rather unusual, that.)

(Special thanks to L-Dub of Yaminions for gifting me with This Christmas via iTunes. *hugs*)


berg said...

imogen, what discovery did u mean? elliott's christmas song? how did you know i was a fan?!?! hehehe love this!

imogen_ph said...

the radioblogclub thingie, berg :-) and as to how i knew you're an E-fan, i figured he he. you'll be interested to know that elliott's cousin phil says there will be indeed be an announcement soon, and it's going to be big yay. *holds off cartwheels for the moment*

Isa said...

what was wrong with his teeth?

imogen_ph said...

before? it wasn't up to tv celebrity or American Idol standards *cough*. they say the condition of his teeth was aggravated by his diabetes (which he had since he was 17). don't know how true that is.