Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Christmas tune for y'all

Simbang-gabi sa Gesu

I’ve never liked Michael Buble (his singing puts me to sleep, and I hate how he did Kissing a Fool and I don’t care for his A Song for You, pardon to the fans), but this -- ! Christina Aguilera's version is too melismatic for my taste, and Kelly Clarkson's is alright I guess, but a tad too girlish. Now this, Michael's Buble's Grown-up Christmas List, I FLOVE.

Merry Christmas you all! Enjoy the holidays!


Isa said...

what a pretty picture of Gesu!
is that new?

imogen_ph said...

er nope. it was from last year. i think. ;-) thanks! i see you've figured out blogger's identity thing.

berg said...

imogen, i love buble's version of grown-up christmas list, too! thats probably one of my all-time fave christmas songs and he does at a superb job at it... its missing a verse from the original though.

ill check out the war of the worlds musical vidz later, i gtg to sleep right now... ive been attending Simbang Gabi kasi.

P.S. i checked my e-mail, its working just fine. maybe you got the address wrong hehe, it's lt_berg@yahoo.com