Sunday, July 08, 2007

A History of Elliott's First Hit has been sending this to subscribers via email.

I'm not a crazy fan of the song itself, I said that right when it was released, but I knew it had great appeal, and therefore, great radio potential. So I'm happy for its success all the same. Wait For You has been topping countdowns in such popular stations in the Philippines as Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1. In case you haven't heard the song, check it out here.

Elliott's album hasn't even been released here yet. It will be most probably, when Elliott visits in September, yay! Thank you Ayala! We Yaminoys have been campaigning for this since AI season 5. (Let's just forget that I heard you had actually been choosing between Elliott and season 6's Chris Richardson, bleh!). Elliott's schedule:

Sep 21, 8:00 pm Trinoma
Sep 22, 8:00 pm Glorietta
Sep 23, 8:00 pm Alabang Town Center
Sep 26, 8:00 pm Ayala Cebu
Sep 28, 8:00 pm Market! Market!

(One last aside: What, no concert? Just a mall tour? *sigh*)


Marie said...

Do you think the Zobels/Ayalas are fans or contacted him way back? Elliott thanks a certain "Zobel Family" in his CD liner notes... hmmmm...

berg said...

am i the only yaminoy from cebu??? hehehe! i'm excited about the upcoming "mall tour". and hooray about WFY going Top 10 in the US. its sitting at number 8 right now in airplay for Top 40 radio.

marie, that Zobel Family tidbit is interesting. whoodathunk!

Marie said...

Elliott Yamin's Philippine concert
schedule has changed! The Market!Market! show has been moved to Sept. 23 (Sunday)and the Alabang Town Center show to Sept. 29 (Saturday). Here's the new sked:

Sep. 21, 2007 (Fri) 8:00PM
TriNoma Mall - Philippines Manila

Sep. 22, 2007 (Sat) 8:00PM
Glorietta Mall - Philippines Manila

Sep. 23, 2007 (Sun) 8:00PM
Market! Market! Mall - Philippines

Sep. 26, 2007 (Wed) 8:00PM
Ayala Mall - Philippines Cebu

Sep. 29, 2007 (Sat) 8:00PM
Alabang Town Center - Philippines


All shows are FREE, courtesy of Ayala
Malls. Please spread the word! :)

Join the "Yaminoys" yahoogroup for
Elliott's Pinoy fans if you want to know
more about what's being planned for
Elliott's trip to the Philippines. :)