Friday, June 29, 2007

Embedding a Pictobrowser slideshow

Testing this new gadget I found floating around the web...

Huh. Ok, kinda nice I guess. Changed the background because the original code indicated white, I thought it looked boring here. Eh, it cuts off some of the pics. I suppose that can't be fixed, unless I resize the photos in my Flickr album. Or hmm, maybe it's because I changed the display size.

By the way, you can get your own Pictobrowser slideshow by clicking on "Info" above. You'll be asked to enter your Flickr username and presto, you'll get the code.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to have such a thing in a big format, or just in small?

does it work only only the blog?

la contessa wants to know! ;)

Isa said...

The puppies are so cute!
Micah looks soulful.
Hiro is all grown up with his snout thinning out like that!
As usual, Momo is the cutest of them all!

imogen_ph said...

contessa dearie, you are wondering about LJ `no? if LJ accepts html code then it should work. just copy the code the gadget will give you (click on "Info" at the bottom right side of the viewer), then adjust the size of the object width & height. it ought to work inside a messageboard too, anything that accepts html.