Sunday, April 23, 2006

Music lovers, lend me your ears for two minutes, will you?

This is the short version. Listen up, if you love listening to a beautiful voice, scroll down to the following entry and click on any of the song links (there's jazz, standard, pop, country, and rock), each will bring you to a page where you will find a link to an mp3 of that song. Listen.

If you like what you hear, do spread the word around. If you're a Pinoy living in the U.S., I'm especially making a plea to you: because I can't vote for my favorite, I'm asking you to do it for me. Yes, I'm a dork. There you have it. It's just that I want to support talent in whatever way I can, wherever I may find it. This guy is not only talented, he is gifted.

Forward a link to this blog to all music lovers you know. Particularly those based in the U.S.. Even if they're not Pinoy.

Now scroll down, if you please. ;-)

1 comment:

garpppy said...

i love love love elliott. i've always find it hard sleeping on wednesdays because i'm afraid that E's going to be eliminated. weird americans. how can they stomach pickler and daughtry! sheesh.

how i really really wish that filipinos can vote. then maybe our E boy could win this thing.