Monday, October 25, 2010

A concert under the pouring rain

He was supposed to have the concert here in May but it got postponed to October. I dilly dallied for all those months till about a couple of weeks before the actual date (October 1), but in the end I just couldn't keep away from John Mayer. Yes, the guy's got quite a reputation for being a douche, but I like the music and he is one of the performers I had been wanting to see perform live. So I went with my concert pal purplewalrus. Who knew that aside from being ready with our cameras, memory cards, batteries, and mp3 recorder, we would also be bringing along ponchos that night? Le sigh. To cut a long story short, it not only rained -- it poured.

Our seats weren't great. ...well alright, let's have the brutal truth. Our seats were crap. (My bad partly, sorry, purpsy.) We were in the Silver section, the center, behind the huge ass control booth. So apart from the structure and the control booth people, we had a really nice wideshot view of the stage with a John Mayer as big as my forefinger, and a small mass of people and umbrellas. And that's with me standing on my seat, see.

In any case I did not complain that much about the view. I could live without staring at John Mayer. The sound system, thank goodness, was superb. My favorite moment came in the middle of the show. I had said before that the ticket would be worth it if he played a few of my favorite songs. As it turned out, he played only 2. But this one song made everything worth it.

There I stood in the middle of the aisle, under the rain, and he did this song. I no longer minded that I could not take one decent picture, or that I could not video this particular performance. I just decided to experience it, and it was beautiful.

For his encore John did another song I had been hoping for: Edge of Desire. Good thing I recorded the entire concert, at least I'll always have an audio file *contented smile*. I made a video using some pictures taken by my friend Vinny -

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