Friday, October 19, 2007

Here's to fancy flash players

I've been knocking my head on the wall for the past few nights trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I've had good advice, a nice space to play around in (that is to say, yaminion webspace thanks to Laclos), and oh, hooray to shareware and open source codes! And of course I couldn't have gotten a complete I'm The Man mp3 without the help of my friend Berg (who did the splicing) and Anj (who provided the missing first few lines) (ey, fellas!). These took quite a few steps - audio extraction (from videos), audio editing, file conversion (with correct sampling rates, the debil!), code writing (more like code lifting, but with good guessing added), and uploading. And nope I'm certainly not a techie, I just went by what little I knew and understood. Everything else I did intuitively. (Until I hit dead ends, that's when I did research and consulted my personal gurus Laclos and Incidior of RoyalMisfits.)

Here's the result of my labors. Well, this is only a picture of the result of my labors, you have to click it to actually get to the flash player and use it. Check it out, it's nifty! ;-) Here's hoping I can post players here directly soon (might take another couple of nights of head banging, heh).


Anj said...

Hi there, thanks for adding our link to your blog! I listened to the mp3 file of ITM and I have to say you did an amazing job! Thanks for the shout out! I was happy to help! Anything for the love of E right? ;)

imogen_ph said...

Hey anj! I harrassed er I mean persuaded Berg to do the splicing on ITM, thank goodness your video/audio quality was close to that of my files. Am eagerly awaiting your E-related blog post at MyScrapworks ;-)