Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New year, old list

So. A new year, and no new list. Nope, because guess what, the list stays the same anyway. What to do this year?

Read more. Like hey, of that pile of books above, I've read only one hee. Some are half read (have acquired the curious habit of reading books simultaneously), some I've only smelled the first pages of. Yeah I smell them, what's that to you?

Exercise more, whine less.

Go on more adventures! (Yes, that's Lara Croft. Ehehe.)

Sit still and be quiet sometimes, listen. That's a bulol right there, see. I don't care much for waiting though. So nope, falafel, no Zen sittings for me, if that's what you thought.

And oh, clean more frequently. Organize your stuff! (That's pretty obvious from the photo, huh?)

Blog more.

Side note. I admit it, I once said that a camera phone is not a camera is a phone is a phone. So give me a kick because I have succumbed and gotten myself a new phone. I never did go for fancy cellphones, but the more I read about the SE K800i the deeper I fell into the trap. So yeah, I got suckered ehehe. Poor me. Yay, the camera rocks (I mean considering that it's a glorified point-and-shoot. It even has exposure compensation, see. Which I must say, they didn't point out in the manual. I discovered it by accident.). I still suck at using it though. The photo above isn't exactly impressive, put the blame on me. Picture quality was set at "Normal", I didn't know that meant 72ppi until I checked the image on the computer. I'll post one set at "Fine" next time. And my hand wasn't steady. I'm not used to tiny cameras, it's much easier to hold an SLR than a camera phone. The unit I got doesn't have an image stabilizer for still photos (it does for video though). No problemo, I'll get used to it. Probably. If not, then I'll use a tripod, hwah, that will look amusing. Big tripod, miniscule camera.

Disclaimer. Am not giving up my digital camera, of course. Make mine Canon. Still.

*comes back*

I just remembered one thing friends have been telling me I should perhaps do more, because I keep forgetting things. Now this is a hoot, because that thing is:

Make lists. Hwah!

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